Top Pilates Instagrammers of 2018

Instagram is such a great way to connect with other like-minded Pilates lovers.

Whether you are looking new inspiration from your favorite teachers, or just enjoy the camaraderie of watching peers explore the system from their living rooms and home studios all over the world, Instagram has been a central force in connecting the global Pilates community.

From rooting each other on through new endeavors, to praying with Instagram powerhouse and #teasertuesday founder @laurabpilates as she finally brought her beloved husband home to heal after a traumatic brain injury, we have been able to watch, support and grow with each other through it all.

We watched @Carrie_Pages_Pilates rebuild her North Carolina studio after Hurricane Florence, and @Lori_shipp made sure we kept that Wunda chair top-of-mind in 2018 with #wundachairwednesday.

Lesley Logan kept us profitable with her @ProfitablePilates business coaching and live chats; @BenjaminDegenhardt's #MarchMatness2018 alone got 34,000 posts; and you had to be living under a rock to miss @AnulaMaiberg's worldwide workshop tour.

While so many amazing veteran Instagrammers have paved the way and inspired us all for many years, there are a few Pilates instructors and studios who, while a bit newer to the Pilates IG space, are definitely worth watching.

These eight studios and instructors demonstrate the variety of ways the Pilates system is used and celebrated throughout the world.

Here are our pics for breakthrough Instagram stars of 2018. (Please feel free to add your top pics in the comments below!)

1. Best instruction: @authenticpilateslearningcenter

This Mahwah, New Jersey-based classical Pilates studio gives followers an inside look at favorite classical Pilates exercises and variations.

Like a fly on a wall, you can listen to cueing and watch exercises beautifully executed by the studios instructors.

I can honestly say I haven't scrolled past a single video since they began posting them just a few months ago in October.

It is pretty impressive how quickly they have garnered a following.

A video for Rolling Stomach Massage got more than 13,000 views (as of December 2018)... after just two months on the scene! Two months! This newcomer is on fire!


2. Best case studies: @boditree_pilates_and_healing

This Vancouver-based studio is not exactly new to Instagram, but they were worth a mention because they are so unique.

They focus on custom-designed workouts using the classical Pilates system. They don't redesign the system, there is a lot of classical love there, but they do modify in really meaningful ways, and use additional apparatuses and tools to help clients progress.

The studio's owner, Risa Matthews, gives Instagram followers insight into the strategies she uses with mini video case studies.

According to the website, "At Boditree Pilates each client, whether in a group or private setting, does their own set of exercises carefully selected to support their own body and goals."

You can watch this concept in action, when they post videos of a full studio of clients, each individually working on their own unique workout. It is a really beautiful thing to watch each client take responsibility for their health and workout. What a special place!


3. Most dreamy: @egemenkonak

There is something so magnetic about Egemen Konak exercising.

He is just this electrifying combination of strength and grace. There's something so unique about him.

I don't know if it is that unexpected element of his facial hair and tattoos, but watching him effortlessly execute the exercises and teach, and love and his sweet kitty cat, is not only inspiring, but almost hypnotic.

The studio, Res Pilates in Istanbul, Turkey, is pretty amazing, too. The large, light-filled space has floor-to-ceiling windows exposing the green foliage outside, making it look like a studio treehouse... it truly looks like a dream.


4. Most creative: #potatopilates

Peter Potato is the brainchild of @seasonpilates and @anulamaiberg.

Illustrated by @seasonpilates, Peter first made his appearance on Anula Maiberg's account during Match Matness (an annual challenge celebrating the Pilates mat work, sponsored by Benjamin Degenhardt), and has since worked with @nancycastiglioni and @equitness, and even recently participated in the #contrologyfreakchallenge.

Something tells me we haven't seen the end of Peter Potato. Shout out to all for keeping it light and fun. We could all use a little but of that.


5. Most classic: @elaine_ewing

Elaine Ewing's (of Rhinebeck Pilates) Instagram defines "classic."

It is just classical and beautiful and oozes authenticity. There are no bells and whistles here; it is contrology in its purest form. It is simple but complex, classical but modern... it just makes you want to take it back to the basics and get down to business with classical Pilates, the way Joe himself would have done it.

Elaine Ewing's Instagram is testament to the fact that contrology is enough, and everything you need is right there in the classical system. It is so inspiring. Check it out!


6. Most informatively entertaining: @russopilates and the ❌✅ series

This long-running series, created by Carrie Russo, is as entertaining as it is informative.

The "do this," "not that" video series stars Carrie, who imitates common Pilates mistakes, then shows the correct way to execute the movement. It's freaking awesome.

Unfortunately, Carrie took a hiatus from filming new material for awhile as she heals from injuries from a recent car accident.

But, she is posting some throwbacks that are well worth the watch. Our best wishes to Carrie for a safe and healthy recovery.


7. Most provocative: @heartbeathigh / @pilatesporn

They baited us with bad*ss reposts via #pilatesporn, and switched up the handle to @hearbeat.high when they opened their own studio space in Perth, Australia... but we are not mad at them.

Now posting (mostly) original content, their page is better than ever and super duper saavy. They're smart, quick and witty and just so darn cool.

Take a look at the carefully curated images and beautiful layout for yourself. Now that's pro branding and graphic design status. Props.


8. Best performance: @sergeyspilates

While Sergey's Pilates in Albany, New York offers Pilates for everyone, their young competitive dancer clients are the stars of the show on Instagram.

Instagram videos show the young dance athletes doing what they do best, effortlessly defying gravity.

They move so beautifully and so in sync while performing their contemporary Pilates exercises, your jaw will drop. It is no wonder these dancers and ice skaters and performative athletes rack up the titles!

You can feel their energy come through in each video, and it makes you feel like you are on their journey with them.


Who did you start following in 2018? Please feel free to share your favorite Pilates instagrammers in the comments below!