The Pilates Bridge: Classically Contemporary

My journey to Pilates started where so many of life’s great turning points occur… in my therapist’s office.

My name is Tracy Belcher, and I am a Pilates teacher in Miami, FL, and a classical convert. I also run, a blog for and by Pilates teachers.

I found Pilates as a busy public relations professional at a top PR firm, about 14 years ago.

Late nights and long days left me little time to workout. I had tried everything from kickboxing to capoeira, but nothing really stuck… until I met my first reformer.

The tight deadlines, coupled with managing 7-10 accounts, client expectations, and the staff team on each account, left me ridden with insomnia and anxiety.

Pilates calmed my mind and centered me in a way nothing had before. I was hooked….

About Tracy Belcher

Tracy Belcher is an insured and certified Pilates and Franklin Method teacher based in Miami, FL. She is certified by Real Pilates® (by Alycea Ungaro), Polestar Pilates® , Pilates Method Alliance®, and Franklin Method®. She teaches private lessons on all Pilates apparatuses, group reformer classes and group mat classes with props. She also teaches Franklin Method workshops, a system that uses anatomical embodiment and Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI) TM to create lasting change in body and mind. 

Tracy first found Pilates while working as a busy marketing and communications professional. She held corporate positions for more than 12 years, first designing and implementing strategic communications plans for business-to-business, consumer and nonprofit clients at a leading PR agency, and then leading all marketing and communications activities for the expansion and relocation of Miami's flagship art museum to a new world-class facility on Biscayne Bay. During this time, she maintained a healthy body and sound mind through her dedicated Pilates practice, and began training to become a Pilates teacher in 2012. She fell in love with teaching and sharing the benefits of the practice, and began working part-time as a teacher. One certification led to another, one workshop to another, and it wasn't long before her passion for Pilates became her primary focus and commitment. She now works full-time as a Pilates professional, but utilizes her communications experience as a consultant to studios and clients in the movement field, assisting with branding, writing, and strategic communications plans and activities.

Tracy's teaching style is  based on Joseph Pilates' original principles and “Whole Body Health” philosophy, but combined with today's scientific understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control, and scientific research findings in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. She uses a thoughtful and individualized approach to harness the power of Pilates and Franklin Method to facilitate long-term goal achievement including integration of the mind, body and spirit, and an overall enhanced quality of life. 

To schedule a Pilates or Franklin Method session with Tracy, contact her here.

Tracy Belcher, PMA®-CPT, Real Pilates® Certified Teacher, Polestar Pilates® Practitioner, Franklin Method® Educator