March Matness 2019 Superstars

Well, we are just past the halfway point of March MATness, and this year‘s participants are bringing it! What a fun way to connect with fellow Pilates lovers across the world.

March MATness is an annual social media challenge, hosted by Benjamin Degenhardt‘s 360 Pilates, which celebrates the original sequence of mat exercises by Joseph Pilates.

“Every year, Pilates enthusiasts across the globe share their love for the work in a synchronized social media campaign.”

Participants across the globe post "a photograph, a video, musings, practice tips, a drawing… capture the original, a variation, a tip… any form of expression is welcome!” (Include the hashtags for the exercise, #marchmatness2019 and tag @marchmatness. See full details and instructions for participation here.)

As of March 19 there are already 24,600 entries. Amazing!

First, congrats to those still posting daily. You are on fire this year, ya'll! 30 days of straight posts is a big commitment, whether you planned and scheduled ahead or not. It's admirable.

So, for those still in the game, I wanted to share a little inspo to get to through that finish line. And, even if you haven’t posted yet, it’s never too late. Go ahead and join in the fun!

Here are some of out favorite posts, but there are so, so many more. Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

@Treyfry and @kinship_pilates

Trey Fry of Milwakee-based Kinetic MKE and Amanda Kindschy Hoffmann are keeping it classy with a beautiful photography series.

Each exercise post includes several images, each with a unique perspective of the exercise. Unexpected angles and soft lighting bring a timeless elegance to the exercises. Subtle, yet satisfying. Check it out!



Helen Tardent with Sydney, Australia-based Pilates Moves is taking us with her as she explores Provence.

A favorite is Day 2, the Roll Up, with “A canon of Pilates Movers & Ralphie the hedgehog performing different stages of the #rollup at le Partage des Sens in Provence as part of day 2 in @pilatesmoves international celebration of #marchmatness2019."

They just look like they’re having so much fun! And that’s what it’s really all about.



The Body Refinery in Brisbane brings us a synchronized group video series.

While their commitment to their theme and consistency is admirable, what really grabs our attention is the contrast of the bright leggings the group wears, against a neutral brick wall.

It is really visually appealing. Plus, it is fun. I’ll take it.



Pilates Banaha out of Tel Aviv, Israel brings us a 90s themed series that transports us back to the days of boom boxes and break-dancing. It‘s been BROUGHT ya’ll.

This series is so, so good. In our humble opinion, they WON* March Matness. (*Editor’s Note: it‘s not a competition and there are no winners or losers but whatever... if there were, they’d have our vote.)



UK-based Pilates with Harriett recruits Barbie for an oh-so-cute series that is simple and adorable! Nice, touch, Harriett! Pilates with old friends is always more fun. (And the resemblance between you two is uncanny!)



This Los Angeles, CA-based studio is serving it with an 80’s inspired campaign that brings us back to the days of Richard Simmons and jazzercize, complete with neon leotards and leg warmers... we are not mad that they used a Spine Corrector... it is cute and creative.



Amy Swanson of Swan Dive Pilates (see what she did there? We like it, Amy!) brought it with a super fun, visual neon campaign that really stands out among the 24,600 posts thus far (as of March 19, 2019). Go Amy! We are loving this!



Kirsten Ferrie of Pure Pilates Ilkleye gifts us with a majestic view, and I am loving the mirror image which looks like a flawless reflection (I actually thought it was at first).

Immediately after seeing her photos, we booked a trip to Ilkleye... but first we had to find out where Ilkleye was... it is a spa town and civil parish in West Yorkshire, in Northern England. Hey Kirsten, how about a Pilates retreat?!


There are so, so many great posts. Go to Instagram or Facebook and look up the tap #marchmatness2019 to check them out. Let us know who your favorites are at @pilatay or in the comments below.